Grants and Donations

The Town Council has the facility to make available limited amounts of money to local organisations and clubs (but not individuals) to facilitate community activities.

The Council will welcome applications at any time, but it is important to make the case for financial support clearly. You will need to include up to date accounts and a copy of your most recent bank statement. Monies’ are given twice a year in March and September. You should state the detailed requirement and outcome for the community – if you have raised money separately from your own resources please mention this and also include the result if you do not receive assistance from the Town Council.

Penmaenmawr Town Council’s Grants Schemes aim to:

Support community activity — by encouraging our community to meet its needs through voluntary action, self-help projects, improvement to local facilities or assistance with events.

Extend access and participation — by encouraging more of our residents to become actively involved in local groups and projects, and by supporting activities that aim to be open and accessible to everyone who wishes to take part.

Increase skill and creativity — by supporting activities which help to develop our residents and our communities’ organisations, and improve skills and raise standards.

Improve the quality of life – by supporting local projects that improve our residents’ opportunities, health, welfare, environment or local facilities, especially for those most disadvantaged in society.

To be considered for a grant - you must show how your project meets at least one of the above aims.

Penmaenmawr Town Council wants to support

Projects that bring people together

Projects that deliver something new to the community

Projects that help or create opportunities for disadvantaged groups

Projects that bring different ages, experiences and/ or backgrounds together

Young persons within the community who want to volunteer

Organisations with an annual income of less than £15,000

Who can apply?

Voluntary organisations (see appendix 1)

Community organisations

School groups

Individuals aged 16-25 taking advantage of our Go Volunteer fund

Who cannot apply?

Individuals and/ or sole traders

Profit-making organisations

Statutory organisations

Organisations in poor financial health