The Model Publication Scheme

The Council is obliged to adopt a Publication Scheme and provide details of the information which is routinely available to the public.

View the current Publication Scheme and a summary of the information available.

Standing Orders and Policies

The Town Council has the authority to operate under the Local Government Act of 1972. It must conform to all aspects of that Act and any subsequent Acts. The Town Council have formulated a range of policies and they can be accessed below.

Councillors must ensure that they operate within the Code of Conduct.


Members Interests

A Register of Members’ Interests is held by the Clerk for all Councillors. This is to ensure that Councillors do not discuss or vote on any item that they themselves or members of their immediate family, have a personal interest in. It is up to the Councillors to ensure that they complete this form and hand it to the Clerk.

At every meeting, Councillors must disclose if there is any item up for discussion that they have a prejudicial interest in. A disclosure form must be signed and is filed by the Clerk after the meeting. This form is called the Notification of Personal Interest form, and the onus is on the Councillor to declare if they have an interest.

Register of Members InterestsRegister-of-Members-Interest-2023.pdfFile size: [111.69 KB]